‘Tails’ from the home office

Working with pets around has become the norm for a lot of us!

‘Tails’ from the home office
(Source: Gray TV)

(Gray News) - Oh, we love our pets so... Except when they disrupt a conference call or step on a button on our keyboard. Okay, we still love them, but maybe for that moment we don’t like them very much!

While we understand these times are difficult for many and the seriousness of COVID-19 is not to be dismissed, having a laugh or cracking a smile during tough times can help with getting through this.

With that said, we give you “'Tails' from the office.”

It’s just a little lightheartedness to help you through the interesting work environment in which you may be working these days!

Show us your furry friends or other inspirational scenes from your home or home office!

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