Nursing home offers ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ for reaching loved ones

Keeping nursing homes safe from COVID-19

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Nursing homes throughout the state continue to limit interactions of their residents because of the on-going coronavirus threat.

At Fair Haven off Montclair Road, visitors are not allowed right now. Management and staff encourage you to connect with your loved ones using FaceTime, social media and by sending them uplifting cards and letters.

Nursing homes are receiving daily sometimes hourly updates and guidance from the CDC and local health officials. Fair Haven says don’t forget his situation is temporary and to think about your loved one’s health.

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“We all come through this experience on the end with a renewed appreciation for the importance of relationships in our lives and communication and keeping in contact…but we’ll just have some alternate means of doing so during a crisis like this,” Sherri Easdon, director of public relations for Methodist Homes of Alabama and Northwest Florida said.

Fair Haven offers these important Do’s and Dont’s:


  • Connect with your loved ones. We encourage family members to take advantage of alternate means of remaining connected with their loved ones such as telephone, FaceTime, social media, email. And don’t forget about personal and uplifting cards and letters. Our residents still enjoy receiving mail.
  • Be proactive in communicating ideas to staff members. Each resident is unique with different preferences and needs, so don’t hesitate to be proactive and communicate those needs to nursing home staff. Nursing homes welcome creative, person-centered ideas to keep residents engaged, connected, and uplifted during this time.
  • Stay informed. Stay informed by being alert to communications from nursing home leadership, the local health department and CDC.
  • Take care of yourself. We encourage family members to take care of themselves so they can take care of our residents. Practice social distancing, hand hygiene, and cough etiquette. Remember the importance of stress management.


  • Refrain from trying to visit your loved one in person. Please refrain from visiting at this time. If you have a special need, contact nursing home leadership.
  • Don’t react to or spread rumors. Stay rooted in the facts. Be reassured that nursing homes are receiving daily and sometimes hourly guidance from the CDC, public health, and other local, state and federal agencies.
  • Don’t forget that this situation is temporary. We will all come through this experience with a renewed appreciation for the importance of relationship in our lives.

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