Local school districts prep for the beginning of e-learning on Monday

Education in transition at Jasper High School

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Whether it’s a natural disaster, or a pandemic, Principal Jonathan Allen says Jasper High School has a plan in place and technology today makes it a lot easier to carry out that plan.

"We're blessed that we have a one-to-one initiative that allows us to provide school-issued laptops to every student," Jonathan Allen said.

Jasper High School sent out a survey and most students responded saying they can connect using technology even if its through the use of their cell phones. Jasper will use a software the school district had already purchased called IXL. Jasper will also use Google Classroom, and Zoom to help connect teachers with their students. Allen said Jasper’s main focus during this time will be on English, Math, and Science to help prevent the summer slide.

"Our teachers are going to be in contact with students who we feel might slip through the cracks, it might be a packet or a device to take to their home, we're going to do whatever we can to make that student feel successful," Allen added.

Over in Shelby County, Shelby County Schools leaders have been holding meetings online the past five days and believe they have a good plan in place. Step one is covering their bases regarding laptops and internet capability.

Shelby County schools prep for e-learning

"We sent out a survey to parents and the community and we will go over those results tomorrow and see how we need to move forward," said Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dr. Lewis Brooks.

Shelby County Schools have more than 20,000 students from K-12th grade, but only have 14,000 Chromebooks and other devices. Dr. Brooks said they’ve purchased extra hot spots to help those students who don’t have internet access and will redistribute those devices where needed. Their main focus over the next two months will be on the core subjects and will use online technology like Google Classroom.

“We’re going to do our very best to provide our students with what they need. We understand we are going to make mistakes along the way, but we feel confident that we can deliver instruction the way that we’ve been charged to do at this time,” said Dr. Lewis Brooks.

Dr. Brooks said they are still working out a few logistics regarding paper packets, if they have to go that route with some students, but will finalize all plans by the end of the week. Students will resume school with e-learning on Monday, April 6th.

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