Tuscaloosa County Schools working to clear online teaching hurdles

Tuscaloosa City Schools react to new normal

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa County Schools are moving forward with the school year without a single student in a classroom. That’s tough task considering that Tuscaloosa county is geographically one of the largest in Alabama.

Tuscaloosa County school system spokeswoman Terri Brewer said they will be rolling out a plan of action for students next week.

Brewer admitted some parents may have some anxiety about their kids’ education going forward in current school year. Teachers and administrators are communicating with those parents to get an idea about what they need to be able to access lesson plans for online learning.

The state department of education offered some guidance recently on what plans they could use to teach these students online.

“We’re working on a plan that is blended work. It’s going to meet those students and families wherever they are to continue to receive their instruction,” Brewer said.

True online instruction will start in Tuscaloosa County on April 6th.

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