Despite no cases yet, Bibb County EMA and local leaders say they are prepared

Bibb County prepares for coronavirus

BIBB COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - Bibb County is one of the few counties in central Alabama that have no confirmed cases of COVID-19, but small towns are still ready. The county EMA is coordinating the local effort.

"Of course, we're planning for having it here. We're getting ready for that first case. That's going to be the time where we really got to keep our public calm but also get them to those places where they can get tested,” Kirk Smith, Bibb County EMA’s Director said.

There was one drive-thru testing center and now there’s an alternate site where people can get tested. Like a lot of areas, Smith would like to see more testing. He tells us the county got a jump start on social distancing and that could be one of the reasons why no one has tested positive yet.

"We started out in the early stages of it going ahead and getting some plans together to try and get the information out to the public,” Smith said.

Centreville’s mayor is urging everyone to take the situation seriously and keep yourselves healthy.

"We love our community here. We’re blessed. Continue practicing safe guidelines with what the government is telling us and one of the most important things is we all need to be praying about this,” Mayor Terry Morton said.

Last week, Bibb Medical Center set up what they are calling a “COVID room”. If anyone arrives at the hospital with coronavirus symptoms, they will be directed to that area. The goal is to try and reduce the chances of the virus spreading throughout the hospital.

In Woodstock, the town hall is closed to the public to reduce the chances of someone getting coronavirus. Mayor Jeff Dodson tells us that decision was made before COVID-19 cases started spreading in nearby counties.

The library and senior center were also closed. The city has been sending out constant updates to residents on Facebook making sure they are keeping themselves healthy. The mayor knows it’s probably just a matter of time before the virus shows up in his town, but he’s crossing his fingers that it continues to stay out.

"I think we've taken the right precautions and I think we took them early. I think everybody worked together to do that, so I think the fact that we don't have any positive cases here. That's got to play into the success of that,” Dodson said.

Dodson would like to see testing in Woodstock seeing as the town sits so close to the interstate. That’s something he will continue pushing for.

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