Chilton Co. superintendent discusses distributing, grading assignments during closure

Preparing for at home learning

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We’re on your side finding out how schools, especially in our rural counties, are going to handle the statewide school closures through the end of this school year.

While some school systems are going to digital or virtual learning, some districts say families may not have access to internet.

So they’re going old school: paper and pencil.

We spoke with Chilton County Schools superintendent Jason Griffin. He said if you have access to internet, those students can complete assignments online. If not, the school system is working to finalize plans on how to deliver weekly packets of printed assignments.

Students or guardians would pick up and drop off the assignments through a drive-thru setup.

So what about grading?

“They need to be graded on the accuracy of whatever they’re tested on or the assignment that is given. We’re not just going to give them a grade for doing something. They’re going to have to actually provide a product that we can actually evaluate to see if there is some comprehension there,” said Griffin.

Chilton County Schools is also working on some sort of delivery system for families who may not be able to make the trek.

These are all preliminary plans. The school system plans to meet next week to determine exactly how they’ll move forward.

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