B’ham woman with coronavirus recovers: ‘I really didn’t take it that seriously. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone.’

Birmingham woman describes COVID-19 experience

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - UPDATE: Jessica Tanniehill, a Birmingham mother, has recovered from COVID-19. She says her live-in family members are also doing well and are not showing any symptoms.

ORIGINAL: A Birmingham mother found herself in pain, alone, in a hospital room Friday. She later learned she’d contracted the novel coronavirus.

Jessica Tanniehill, 39, said the symptoms started mild on a Thursday but by the next day she was in so much pain she had to leave work.

“My body was aching really bad. A cough came along. I still had the sneezing and runny nose," Tanniehill recalled.

Tanniehill said the hospital immediately put her into quarantine.

“The nurse had on this big plastic mask on her face... and the gloves. It was like a hazmat suit," she said.

She said doctors tested her for influenza and pneumonia, all of those test came back negative. Then she was tested for coronavirus. The test was positive.

“I didn’t take it serious. You know, when everybody was talking about it I just felt like everyone was overreacting. But, when I finally got the results, my heart kind of flattered,” Tanniehill said.

According to state health officials, as of Monday night there are 196 confirmed cases across 24 counties.

“We have an age range of those who have tested positive from as young as 2-years of age to as old as 97 years of age,” State Health Officer, Dr. Scott Harris said.

There have been no reported deaths in Alabama but there are patients in life-threatening condition at multiple hospitals, according to Dr. Harris.

Although Tanniehill works in a hospital, she said she believed she contracted the virus while grocery shopping.

After several hours in the ER, she was sent home. She was instructed to stay isolated for two weeks and use pain medicine to control symptoms.

“This pain that I am feeling, it’s real. It really hit home. I don’t wish this on anyone. Take it serious. It’s not a joke,“ she warned.

By Monday, Tanniehill said her cough had subsided and she was beginning to feel better.

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