Teacher gives parents tips on distance learning during pandemic

3 things to improve at home teaching

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Keeping your kids at home presents another struggle for parents - keeping up with their education.

Jennie Fullmer is a middle school math teacher and mother. She gives us three tips to help your child continue learning at home.

First, she says there are several websites that can help kids continue to learn.

“Websites such as tour builder, and that’s through Google, Expedition 3D views, and Voyager. And these are all websites where students get to view different locations, so it takes them a different location on the globe where they can explore, not just the map but the buildings and walk through the streets and see the oceans and see the pyramids even in Egypt," says Fullmer.

Second, she suggests encouraging your child to research what interests them. Fullmer says when her son was in 6th grade, he was curious about what it took to build his own computer.

“And because he was really interested in it, and it was more open-ended learning, he was able to guide his own learning,” Fullmer said.

And finally, asking them “tell me what you know” questions.

“Like my son Luke - Luke, tell me what you learned in your research about building a computer from scratch. What was some of the troubleshooting you ran into, how did you solve those problems? The problem-solving and the higher learning that the students are able to do when they’re really invested in that learning and that outcome, and it means something to them is far above what we could give them in a written, you know, here’s your multiple choice questions, you got five wrong. Sometimes that can stifle growth rather than nourish it,” Fullmer said.

Sometimes, it takes a big event like we’re seeing now, she says, to shake things up a little bit. But Fullmer believes this is an opportunity to reignite your child’s love of learning.

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