Birmingham-based company offers deep clean for homes/offices during pandemic

Updated: Mar. 19, 2020 at 10:13 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We all know how to wash our hands, but what about deep cleaning our homes and offices? Well one local company that specializes in disinfecting can help.

“Certain things are used to kill pathogens. Like, we do have one chemical that can kill essentially any kind of blood-borne pathogen, virus, bacteria, you name it," says Bio-One Birmingham owner Jacob Snavely.

Bio-One Birmingham can clean just about anything. They specialize in cleaning up after biohazards, hoarding situations, and crime scenes. And they take the process very seriously.

“Full suit, hood, full face respirator, booties, double gloves, and all the way duct taped on the wrists and the front," says Snavely.

To kill the pathogens, they use a fogging device on all surfaces, walls and ceilings and then wipe them all down.

“And then after that, we’re going to go back over all the high traffic areas like countertops, sinks, doorknobs and toilets and things like that, and actually douse it with the chemical spray so we can fully saturate the area.”

Specifically, for the coronavirus, they’re using EPA registered chemicals, which you can also use at home.

“Go to the EPA’s website, it’s 'list N’ and it will list all the products approved by the EPA on killing coronavirus.”

It’s a good idea for businesses who want to take all precautions before workers come back. They’re already seeing quadruple the number of calls they had last week. They don’t mind the extra workload, they’re just glad to give people peace of mind.

“Our motto as a company is help first, business second. So, whether it’s coronavirus, or a hoarding situation, or a suicide or homicide, if we can help someone first, worry about payment, worry about details later, that’s what we do.”

They cover all locations between Birmingham and Huntsville, and that includes all locations from the Mississippi to Georgia state line. For a list of those chemicals on the EPA’s list, click here.

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