Trussville family talks about what it’s like isolating themselves at home during COVID-19 outbreak

Families finding ways to cope at home

TRUSSVILE, Ala. (WBRC) - The state of emergency continues and so do the recommendations for social distancing.

We spoke to a family in Trussville about how they were coping.

“We try to keep fun activities going, watch movies, games. Everybody is doing the TikTok challenge. So, that’s kind of fun. You just have to keep the kids occupied. That’s the best thing you can do. And keep snacks in the house,” Roshanique Taylor of Trussville laughed.

On day 5, Taylor said her family was doing “okay” passing the time.

“Make sure your internet is working. Get on Facebook, read your Bible, read books, do some household cleaning that you should be doing as we’re getting ready to go into the spring and summer months. You have to keep yourself entertained,” Taylor suggested.

But she said being stuck at home had its challenges.

“It’s been challenging to stay in and not go out and do our normal activities,” Taylor said.

Her mother, who also lives in the home, deals with respiratory issues so Taylor said she diligently followed directives of state health officials.

“We do not have any visitors and try to keep everything sanitized and wiped down,” said Taylor.

Taylor said she only leaves her home to grocery shop.

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