Maintain learning at home with weather education resources

Educating kids during COVID-19 school closures

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - As families and communities continue to practice social distancing, we’re on your side to provide educational resources students can access at home.

Kindergarten teacher Drew Spransy, and Librarian Tynley Baker are both faculty members from Highlands School. They’re preparing lesson plans and have all kinds of creative ways to keep kids engaged.

“Right now my online learning is a video about the three types of clouds. I sent home some paper and descriptions of some of the clouds and tomorrow they’re going to glue the descriptions on a blue sheet of paper and they’re going to use cotton balls to make the clouds,” Spransy explained.

The educators point out that opportunities for learning are all over the internet, from online resources through your local public library’s website, to space readings from NASA.

“It’s a lot of fun to see them floating in no gravity and reading a story,” Baker says.


Below you will find a list of websites full of weather information for teachers and students. Some sites have multimedia content, some have instructions for science experiments, and some have lesson plans for grade levels pre-k through high school. The teachers we interviewed also suggested visiting your public library website.

Making a simple rain gauge, can be very effective and fun.

Weather And Climate | NASA Climate Kids is an easy to navigate site, with fun thumbnail icons for selecting links. The site contains material related to Weather & Climate, the Atmosphere, Water, Energy, Plants and Animals.

The Jet Stream Weather School is a website from the National Weather Service with topics related to climate and weather. Many of these may be more appropriate for students at higher grade levels but they are well structured, with guides for conducting at home learning experiments. The link included will take you directly to the topic matrix with all of the subject matter nicely organized on one single webpage.

USGS Education Website contains a large collection of natural science source material organized by grade levels from preK through college. From geology to ecology, hydrology, atmospheric sciences, and planetary sciences, there are so many topics to choose from. In addition to offering lesson plans/activities for each grade level, you will also find links to multimedia content.

WW2010 - University of Illinois contains a collection of source material for higher grade levels, including topics related to weather analysis, satellites, tropical weather, clouds, and precipitation. Just follow the interface guide on the left side of the page to access the many topics carefully outlined. The site contains nicely crafted illustrations and no downloads are required.

TORNADOES, THUNDERSTORMS, AND LIGHTNING from the National Weather Service with a great section of myths and facts related to tornadoes

Willy the Weather Kid: Sometimes the best way to talk to a child about weather is to see weather through a child’s eyes first. That’s why the WBRC FOX6 First Alert Weather team is getting into the puppet show business.Chief Meteorologist J-P Dice and Meteorologist Jill Gilardi present “Willy the Weather Kid,” a video series to help children and others who are either afraid of severe weather, or just have questions about our changing weather in Alabama.

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