Tuscaloosa asks businesses to limit number of patrons due to coronavirus

Asking businesses to help limit the spread

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - The city of Tuscaloosa released an email late Sunday evening that asked for help with voluntary social distancing.

That email said the city of Tuscaloosa “strongly encourages local businesses to voluntarily assist in the reduction of hazards by limiting the number of patrons in establishments to no more than 50 people."

It also want businesses to maintain the 6-foot personal space barrier advised by the Centers for Disease Control.

WBRC stopped by several businesses in downtown Tuscaloosa. Managers at Moe’s Original BBQ didn’t know about the request until we showed them the city’s email. They were shocked by what it asked.

Moe’s seating capacity is 299 people. But if necessary, they said they would try to comply with the request.

“It’s obviously very serious with how fast it is spreading. Just try to stay ahead of it is the best thing to do,” according to kitchen manager Matt Deyton.

Tuscaloosa Mayor Maddox said he doesn’t have the power to limit patrons in a business. That’s why they’re asking business, not telling them, to help with that if they can.

He did say he could issue a curfew, but Maddox did not say how much of a possibility that could be.

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