BurgerFi: Baconian

Published: Mar. 11, 2020 at 1:28 PM CDT
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Potato Bun

Smokey Bacon Aioli - 1 oz.

Pickles - 3 each

Bacon 1.5 slices

Bacon Cheddar - 1 slice

Pork Belly-Angus Grind - 2 patties

White Cheddar - 1 slice

Grilled Onions - .75 oz

Smokey Bacon Aioli:

Hellman's Mayo - 12oz

Tomato Bacon Jam - 4oz

Chipotle Tabasco - 1 oz


1. Once buns are golden brown, move them to the side.

2. Spread Smokey Bacon Aioli to top and bottom bun, covering all edges.

3. Add pickles to the top of the bun and grilled onions to the bottom.

4. Add two pork belly/angus patties to bottom bun with white and bacon cheddar cheese slices in between.

5. Add 3 half slices of bacon to the top bun, and slightly press to combine all ingredients.

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