Sen. Kamala Harris visits Miles College, speaks on rumors of joining Biden as running mate

Kamala Harris at Miles College

FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WBRC) - US Senator and former Democratic presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris made a stop in Alabama to kick off Women’s History Month.

Harris arrived to roaring applause at Miles College in Fairfield, joining Louise Jones for a conversation about women’s empowerment, leadership, and her possible future as Biden’s running mate.

“Homeboy got to get elected first! Gotta be practical,” Sen. Harris laughed.

The event hosted by “Women for One Alabama” in coordination with the Campaign for Doug Jones was moderated by the first woman to lead Miles College, President Bobbie Knight.

Harris spoke on concerns about the upcoming election, specifically the impact Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential race has had on communities of color.

“By trying to sow misinformation targeted at black folks in a way that would tap into already pre-existing distrust,” Harris said.

Harris however said she remained optimistic when it comes to getting voters of color to the polls.

Harris saying the opposition didn’t want Jones in D.C. because of his diligent advocacy.

“They don’t want a Doug Jones there. They prefer to have someone there just giving lip service to the need to pass a tax bill benefiting the top one-percent of the biggest corporations in America.”

Senator Doug Jones said his campaign will not focus on the opposition and he remained confident his constituents will be motivated, hoping to repeat the 2017 turnout.

“We represent one Alabama. It’s not an us versus them. It’s all about us and that’s why this campaign is going to be successful,” said Jones.

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