Retired NFL player wants to build hotel in downtown Anniston

Developer proposes new hotel in Anniston

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBRC) - After plans to put a hotel in downtown Anniston failed, a new set of developers now wants to try again, in the same spot.

The first developer wanted to put the hotel on at the intersection of Twelfth Street and Noble Street but later backed out after a history of legal trouble, including kidnapping charges.

Now a new set of developers, including former NFL player Karlos Dansby, of the Arizona Cardinals, are proposing another hotel twice the size.

Dansby says he wants construction complete in time for the 2021 World Games, which will be played in Birmingham.

The site is currently vacant, and is a large hole that often collects rainwater. It previously held a vacant office building called the Model City Center, which was demolished to make way for a Best Western that was never built.

Council member Ben Little says he hopes to bring the proposal for a vote sometime in early April.

Little says the developers are considering other ideas, including development in West Anniston.

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