UPDATE: B’ham 6th grader intially denied transfer after attack at school now approved to go to new school

Overcrowding concerns at Birmingham schools

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - New information on the fate of the girl seen in a video being kicked and punched by several classmate at Jones Valley Middle School.

The child’s mom says the school district initially denied her request to transfer to another school but after WBRC got involved, she was approved and her daughter was back in class at her new school the day after our story aired.

Birmingham City Schools sent us their transfer policy. A spokesperson said, “Parents must submit the request in writing in order for the request to be reviewed. When these steps are completed to fidelity, transfer requests are then considered.”

Read the BCS policy below:

After our report aired about the allegations of unruly students at JVMS, several parents and teachers reached out to us pleading for help.

“They’ve had about 10 fights every week,” President of Birmingham American Federation of Teachers local 2115 Richard Franklin claimed.

Speaking as a surrogate for teachers at JVMS, Richard Franklin said the children who are ages 11 to 14 often swear, threaten and attack not only their peers but teachers and administrators at the school.

A teacher we spoke to said she is cussed out every single day and school staff feel like they are not supported.

Several of them reaching out to unions like American Federation of Teachers.

“They’re in fear,” Franklin said.

Franklin claimed the children don’t listen to on-site security.

“Sometimes they have SRO’s... they’re not doing what they tell them to do,” explained Franklin.

Another teacher said the problems began in August and that the classrooms are overcrowded.

“I had a veteran teacher tell me today, they said there’s no way we can teach with 38-40 kids in a classroom,” said Franklin.

In addition to the principal, a BCS spokesperson said there are "Nearly 530 students, 29 teachers, and 2 assistant principals. "

Franklin said the union presented their concerns to the district.

“Their response is always, ' We’ll look into it,'” Franklin claimed.

BCS 's response about security:

As for the solution, Franklin says stiffer consequences are necessary.

“I think they need to have a parent meeting and let it be known that if your child exhibits these behaviors there’s no way they can continue to be allowed to do this. It’s out of control,” Franklin declared.

Another teacher said most of the children do not have steady home environments and that the community, specifically men, getting involved with students would probably help.

The teacher pled for the community to help them take back control.

We’ve requested an interview with the Superintendent of Birmingham City Schools Dr. Lisa Herring, we’ll update this story when we hear back.

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