Voters approve Sunday alcohol sales in rural, unincorporated Calhoun County

Sunday alcohol sale vote passes in Calhoun Co.

CALHOUN CO., Ala. (WBRC) - Rural Calhoun County will now join much of the rest of the county in allowing alcohol sales on Sundays.

55% of voters, or 6,330, voted in favor of the referendum Tuesday, during the Alabama Presidential Primary, while another 45% voted against it.

Unincorporated areas such as Alexandria and Wellington have convenience stores, supermarkets, package stores, and there's even a bar at Silver Lakes Golf Club.

Business owners said they were losing customers to nearby cities like Anniston, Jacksonville and Weaver, who have Sunday sales, and the county commission was losing tax revenue.

"The owner, he comes in here on Sundays, kind of restocks and prints off his weekly report. And they'll be knocking on the door, and I'll be like, I can't open," Retha Pruitt, the manager of The Package Store in Alexandria, says with a laugh.

Opponents argued people could still buy alcohol the other six days of the week or in the nearby cities that have Sunday sales, and wanted to keep Sunday sacred.

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