University of Montevallo works with international students to limit coronavirus exposure

University of Montevallo issues warning

MONTEVALLO, Ala. (WBRC) - Like several other schools, the University of Montevallo is making plans for the coronavirus.

Right now they are warning students with any travel plans. University leaders are working to help their full time students that are here from other countries.

The university is not only working with international students, but also with students going on spring break who may have travel plans out of the country.

Dr. Tammi Dahle is the Dean of Students and she says the University of Montevallo has several international students. They have reached out to all of them over the last few weeks to see if they have any plans to travel home soon.

“Helping them really rearrange plans if we need to help them make the best decisions based on the latest information,” she explains. "So they can make safe travel decision. but they are also reaching out to them for support. “

Right now they university has restricted official travel to any of the highly impacted area and are asking students to reconsider any trips planned for spring break.

“It’s not just the country that you go to, but also the means and the path that you take to get there that is also considered,” says Dahle.

They are asking students to report any travel plans and know that there is a possibility of quarantine if they are exposed and that is a requirement from the state department.

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