Health experts warn about germs at the polls

Avoiding germs at polling places

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Health experts don’t discourage you from voting Tuesday, but they do warn that polls can be infested with germs.

Lots of people in contained spaces, using the same pencils and pens, handing over their licenses to poll workers, touching the booth or table where they’ll cast their vote - it’s clear how easily you could come into contact with germs.

We spoke to health professionals at UAB who advise treating the polls like a trip to the airport.

“Make sure you’re using some sort of hand sanitizer or wipes on your hands first. Use what you have to and as soon as you get done hand sanitize right afterwards,” said Dr. Bryan Combs, UAB School of Nursing Nurse Practitioner.

Some argue that since Alabama uses paper ballots and not machines there’s nothing to worry about but Combs disagrees.

“Someone brought the paper out, someone stacked them, someone sat them out. It may not be the person in front of you who had sniffles, but someone did. So it’s been touched by people before you anyway. I would just make sure your hands are clean and you do what you can to protect yourself,” advised Combs.

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