Flooding washes part of Hale County Road 36

Flooding problems continue in west Alabama

HALE COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - The past few weeks have been tense for some people living in one Hale County neighborhood when they were trapped for several days when water covered both roads into their community.

Now, water is still just over one road. But another big problem has developed. “So right now, if this road caves, there’s no way in and no way out,” Shelia Garner explained Tuesday.

The sight of a big hole underneath Hale County Road 36 frightened Shelia Garner. Part of this roadway flooded earlier this month. But when the floodwaters went away, it seemed much of the earth underneath the asphalt went away too. That left many people living in Garner’s Oak Village neighborhood worried about their safety.

“It’s scary I mean you have the road caving in. You have very little access if your house catches fire or you need an ambulance here and they can’t pass if the road is caving in,” Garner continued.

Garner said the other road they use to get in and out is still flooded. So cars have to avoid one going over the washed lane. A Hale County Road crew arrived while we were there. The county commissioner for the area that includes Akron said they will put up a temporary fix in the short term.

“Right now with the water the way it is we’re not able to replace the part of the culvert that is there. But we are looking at ways of trying to get it done,” according to Hale County Commissioner Donald Anderson.

He added the county will ask the state for financial help with road damage caused by flooding since Governor Ivey declared a state of emergency.

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