Heavy rains adding to pothole problems around the metro

Closer look at how Birmingham is fixing potholes

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Mother nature has been adding to the pothole problem around the metro area. The city of Birmingham says it’s doing its best to give you a smoother ride.

All the rain is doing a number on some of the roads in and around Birmingham. We found some deep potholes along Palisades Boulevard. One pothole is well over a foot long.

"Part of that too is the fact that we've had some freezing temperatures. That water gets in the ground and expands and then the water comes through the next day and washes that stuff out,” Clay Ingram with AAA of Alabama said.

When you hit that nasty notch in the road, it can throw your car out of whack and send you to the mechanic leaving you with costly repairs.

"It can cause damage to your tires, your rims, your suspension, your shock absorbers, all kinds of front end problems,” Ingram said.

The city of Birmingham says it’s trying to give you a smoother ride instead of a sinking one. The city recently put a video on Facebook showing its public works crews filing potholes.

When the weather cooperates, the city says it fills about 250 potholes a week. Just last year, the number of temporary or emergency potholes patched or repaired was close to 20,000, according to city data.

"Just because there’s one complaint doesn’t meant it’s just one pothole, a lot of times there are several potholes in the area. If we get a complaint somewhere, we’re going to fill all the other potholes we see nearby too,” Cody Marsh with the city’s Department of Public Works said.

Calling 311 is your best bet to report potholes. The city says it hopes to repair them within 30 days of the request.

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