Amendment 1 receives push back from educators

Amendment One: What it means for you

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - You’ll find just one constitutional amendment on the ballot next week. It’s facing some push back from educators.

Amendment 1 will allow Governor Kay Ivey to appoint state Board of Education members instead of them being elected. That plan is facing harsh criticism from some teachers and administrators. They feel this amendment will put a lot of power in the Governor’s hands.

The amendment will change the title of the State Superintendent to the Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education. That person would be appointed by the commission and approved by the senate.

The local American Federation of Teachers says it’s not in favor of this amendment telling WBRC it will take a vote away from the people.

"I believe that is just the beginning of eroding our democracy. If this year, it's the state school board then what would it be next time? I am very much against us giving up a right to vote for an office,” Marrianne Hayward with the Jefferson County American Federation of Teachers said.

Amendment 1 will also require the commission to adopt education standards instead of common core. Some educators feel all that means is replacing common core with common core.

Governor Ivey is pushing for this amendment to pass saying the state needs education leaders and a structure that works in the best interest of students.

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