College students gather in Birmingham to learn the power of participating in elections

Young voters united in B'ham for voting training

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - More than a dozen college students from all over the U.S. gathered in Birmingham for training not only geared towards getting them to the polls but also educating their communities on the power of the vote.

“When people think you’re just supposed to vote for the president and everything is OK. People don’t know you’re supposed to vote for your local people too. That’s where the impact starts. That’s where everything starts,” said Miles College senior Alize Bradford.

The “Gen Z and Millennial Voter Training” was an information packed weekend geared towards teaching young voters the power of participating in elections from the local to federal level, said organizers.

The training was organized by City Councilor Crystal Smitherman in partnership with The Urban League, Stand as One, the Birmingham and Alabama Bar Associations and several local and state elected officials helped make the training a success.

Smitherman said organizers hope to accomplish their goals through a variety of presentations, panel discussions and activities.

Participants also toured the Birmingham Civil Right’s Institute.

“It’s like a spirit in there in a sense. Just to see where we came from to where we are now and the impact we’re going to leave for future generations,” said Tennessee State University senior Kellie Kirk.

“The goal is to have them go out into the communities, knock on doors, explain anything about the census that people don’t know about, make sure people vote, make sure people are registered to vote as well,” explained Councilor Crystal Smitherman.

A task the students said they were up for.

“We are the golden generation if you ask me. We have so much access to knowledge that other generations wasn’t privy to at our age that we’re able to convey messages and languages to more simple terms that way all people can understand it,” said Kirk.

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