State lawmaker proposes statewide database for gun permit holders

Published: Feb. 22, 2020 at 6:39 AM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - One state lawmaker wants to create a statewide database of people with concealed carry permits.

Representative Proncey Robertson says a statewide database of concealed carry gun permit holders available to law enforcement is needed in Alabama. He claims the county-by-county application process in sheriffs’ offices isn't secure.

"When you go in there and give them your personal information, addresses, social security numbers, date of birth... all this sort of stuff to put on that, its setting there in a very non secure location,” Robertson, (R)-District 7 said.

Robertson says the new system will be monitored by state law enforcement. Each sheriff’s office will have a log in to access the database. The system will also be updated to show who is prohibited from carrying weapons.

Guns rights groups like BamaCarry are unloading on this bill.

"They need to back off of trying to regulate people who lawfully carry weapons,” Eddie Fulmer with BamaCarry said.

Fulmer believes people who aren’t supposed to have a gun should be the only ones in the system.

"Permit holders in Alabama are some of the most law-abiding citizens there are. We’re the least likely to commit a crime of any part of society. What they are worried about here is a very insignificant amount of people when it comes to revoking a permit,” Fulmer said.

Robertson sees it differently. He says this bill is about protecting personal information and streamlining the permit process.

"If they’re concerned about someone obtaining that information and using it on some overt way, it would be easy to get right now. If I put it one system that’s password access and we’re monitoring every keystroke... that’s a secure system,” Robertson said.

The bill also allows for concealed carry permits to be issued for life. It costs $200 and $150 for people over 65.

We’ll keep you updated on the bill’s progress through the legislature.

You can read the entire bill here.

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