Alabaster Fire Department hosts training for fire departments across state

Alabaster state firefighter training

ALABASTER, Ala. (WBRC) - The Alabaster Fire Department is hosting a big training event this week for about 30 departments from all around the state.

The training is to make sure that no matter how big the fire department or how big the emergency, the scene never gets out of control.

The firefighters simulated several different scenarios. Everything from simple house fires, to high-rise fires, and even a chemical plant emergency.

Each scenario requiring different response needs some needing maybe 20 firefighters when others may require 300 firefighters. By the end of the course, each firefighter will have served every role so that they can lead or respond to any scene no matter how big the emergency is, how many agencies are involved, or what their role is, they will know what to do.

Chief Tim Love with Alabaster Fire says without this structure, emergency situations can easily get out of control and random people might try to jump in and help and that is when people start getting hurt.

“When they get through here, they will have multiple scenarios they have been put through, many of which they may never see, but when they are asked to step up to that level, they will be prepared for it,” Love explained.

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