87-year-old fed up with flooding at her Birmingham home

Fed up with flooding

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - More rain Tuesday only added to the problem 87-year-old Roberta Hampton has been dealing with for years at least six years.

Heavy rains cause an area near her home on First Street South in Birmingham to back up. It then sends all that water down her street and into her front yard. The water moves swiftly at times.

Hampton says she didn't have this problem when she first moved in then a sewer line broke which she reported to the city and county.

"They came out and instead of replacing the sewer line, they dumped a truckload of white rocks over there and it’s been flooding ever since,” Hampton said.

Hampton says she once again reported the problem to the city but can’t get any help. So she and her family called us.

Hampton has lived here for over 40 years. She's a three-time cancer survivor and every time it rains like this, she feels trapped in her home.

“It’s bad when you are old and sick and when it rains like this, I can’t get out. If I get sick, I’m just stuck in here,” Hampton said. “”If there’s anything you all can do to help get the city to fix the sewer lines in this area. The sewer lines are in bad shape."

Hampton and her family are also worried about a tree across the street from her home that looks like it could fall any day now.

We did reach out to 311 for her as well as the mayor’s office. Once we hear back, we’ll let you know.

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