Tuscaloosa City Council hires engineers to study flood-prone neighborhood

Tuscaloosa City Council helping flooding trouble spots

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuesday, the Tuscaloosa City council agreed to hire an engineering firm for around $400,000 to do a study what could be done and how much it could cost the city to stop runoff from rainwater and silt from being dumped into the Woodland Hills neighborhood.

It’s part of city councilman Eddie Pugh’s district.

“It’s become a bad, bad issue. It’s an issue getting rescue trucks in that area. We’ve got to do something to make some corrections there,” he said.

Pugh says the city got a report back last year that claimed runoff and silt from Tuscaloosa’s V-A Hospital and the University of Alabama-owned Brewer Porch Children’s Center was flowing into the neighborhood from rainwater when it floods. Solving the issue involves the state, the federal government and private property owners who own Patton Lake in the neighborhood where floodwater and silt is being deposited. Pugh said the city is committed to try and fix the flood problem.

“Patton Creek tributary has been an issue with that area for longer than I’ve been on the council,” he continued.

Pugh said the city will have to work an agreement with the V-A hospital, the University of Alabama and private property owners before any corrective action happens.

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