Ropes and pulleys used to get water to family after Hale County flood

Flooding problems in Hale County

HALE CO., Ala. (WBRC) - Flood waters destroyed the only way in and out of one Hale County neighborhood. First responders used something simple to get fresh water to people cut off from their rest of their community this week.

“With a pulley and a rope we’re taking them cases of water,” said Hale County EMA Director Russell Weeden.

He posted a video showing how Hale County Sheriff’s deputies used a system of ropes and pulleys to get water to a family after a bridge near their home was washed away in flood waters this week.

“They contacted their county commissioner Scott Hallman and said their water line had broken and they didn’t have any fresh water across the creek. So we bought some water and went down and we took them three cases of water,” Weeden continued.

Flood waters washed the family’s bridge out Tuesday. Weeden and others brought them water Wednesday in the Havana community. He credited the Watkins family with coming up with the rope and bucket system to get them what they needed in the short term.

“No that’s something they rigged up. The Watkins family rigged that up,” he said in conclusion.

Weeden explained that the family is not in a rush to leave their homes and get across that washed out culvert. He will talk with the national guard about putting what he called a “one day bridge” there if they need to get the family out of their neighborhood. Hale County can’t replace the bridge destroyed by flooding because it was privately owned.

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