Pelham trains first responders on new hazmat unit

State of the art hazmat unit at Pelham FD

PELHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Pelham Fire Department has a new state of the art hazmat unit now in service.

First responders in Shelby County realized there was a need for new units after the Colonial Pipeline explosion. In fact, Colonial Pipeline donated the money for Pelham FD to purchase the unit.

It has both hazmat and command post capabilities. During the Colonial Pipeline explosion crews had to stay on scene for hours at a time and instead of going off site to the command post, they needed a place on site to meet, get updates, make game plans, and monitor the incident as it constantly changed.

Mike Reid with Pelham Fire Department says this equipment would have helped a lot that day.

“Something like this would have been tremendous for that incident. For us to be able to operate and be more efficient with our command control and operations, for the whole on scene portion of that incident.”

The unit has several computers where first responders can research a hazardous material while responding to the incident. There are cameras that can zoom in to watch the situation and make plans in real time if it is too dangerous to be near it. The entire command center has white boards to draw up plans.

Pelham fire is in the process of training all first responders in Shelby County to use the unit because it will be available to the entire county if they ever need it.

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