EXCLUSIVE: Driver who backed into man in Tuscaloosa tells his side of the story

Tuscaloosa driver tells his side of the story

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - For the first time, we’re hearing from the driver who hit a man with his car in Tuscaloosa. He says he was protecting himself and his 8-year-old daughter.

We’re now seeing cell phone video showing what happened right before Deon Davis backed his car into a man and his dog at the WalMart on Skyland Boulevard. Davis says the man asked to see his handicap decal.

“I was like what? So he was like yeah you have to have a permit to park here. The whole time, I'm like dude mind your business,” Davis said.

Surveillance video shows the man on his phone standing behind Davis’ car not letting him leave. Davis had a handicap decal hanging from his rear-view mirror that day. He showed it to us Thursday. Davis says he was shot in the leg 10 years ago and that’s what his disability tag is for.

"This person is becoming aggressive at me like this…harassing me basically with my child and now you’re behind my vehicle. I want to leave,” Davis said.

In the cell phone video, Davis tells the man to move. Moments later, Davis backed out of the parking space and hit him with his car then left.

"I’m sorry it happened but I’m not sorry for defending myself in a situation where he made a foolish decision and instigated something that could have been totally avoided,” Davis said.

Davis tells WBRC if he had to do it all over again, the outcome would be the same. He says he felt like he and his daughter were being held hostage that day.

"I don’t see anything that I did was wrong. I just wanted to come there and get an energy drink and some chocolate candy for my daughter, go on about my business…too much is going on in the world. My daughter is aware of a lot of these circumstances that’s going on..the death of Cupcake, people kidnapping kids…too much is going on to trust somebody who is acting like that,” Davis said.

Initially Tuscaloosa Police posted the surveillance video on it’s Facebook page saying they were looking for a “reckless endangerment” suspect.

“I call it protecting myself and my child,” Davis added.

We asked Davis why he decided not to call the cops and stay after he hit the guy? He said he felt like the man was still a threat.

Police say the man who was hit has minor injuries. We spoke with him as well, but his attorney told him not to comment right now.

TPD is still investigating the case. Lt. Tina Richardson suggested that anyone in a situation in which they feeling harassed and threatened should call police and let them resolve it.

Lt. Richardson added that someone standing behind your vehicle does not qualify as kidnapping or holding someone hostage. However, it could fall under lawful imprisonment.

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