Windows being shot out all over Gadsden

Windows shot out throughout Gadsden

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Gadsden Police are looking for the person responsible for shooting out windows throughout the city.

Police have taken numerous reports of windows being shot, and often shattered, at businesses, non-profits, homes, and cars. Some of the vehicles were were shot at while parked, but in a few cases the cars were being driven in traffic.

The shootings began last week with a number of reports being taken over the weekend. The most recent came Wednesday night, with two businesses, two cars and a private residence being shot.

Witnesses believe the gun used was a BB or pellet gun. A resident on Padenreich Avenue reported a large pellet was found amid the shattered glass next to her van.

One of the most recent victims is Elliott Blount, who runs a small car detailing business on Forrest Avenue.

Just days after the weather caused a roof collapse at his business, someone shot and shattered a large window in the front of the building where he operates the business.

Blount say he had enough to worry about, and believes the window was shot out by a BB or pellet gun.

“(Police officers) said they had other people whose windows were broke out. But I hate this happened. And I have to deal with this window being broke and the bad weather with the roof falling in. So it’s not right for people to be doing this, so hopefully they’ll catch them,” Blount said.

One window was even shot out at the offices of Downtown Gadsden, Incorporated and the Gadsden Commercial Development Authority.

Shooting into an occupied dwelling or an occupied vehicle are felony charges.

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