Water in gasoline at a Birmingham gas station causes problems for drivers

Flooding causes problems at the pump with water in gasoline

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - After filling up at a Chevron gas station in Avondale, a number of Birmingham drivers discovered there was water in the gasoline. The gas station owner, Sunny Ali said he has been there 15 years and he is upset that some pf his customers have had car trouble after buying gas at his station.

Ali said he received a new shipment of gas Monday night. He is not pointing fingers at anyone who caused water to get into the gasoline. He said Tuesday he started getting calls from customers who had car problems. Some paying two to three hundred dollars to get them fixed.

Guin Services is just up the road from the gas station and owner Joseph Braswell says his drivers regularly go the Avondale station. Tuesday was no different when one van went there for gas and broke down shortly after, then Braswell says a second van went there to fill up.

“By the time he makes it back to shop he had broken down with the second van. That’s when we realized there was something wrong with the gas,” Braswell said.

Ali did stop selling gasoline until the problem was fixed. He said anyone who bought gasoline from the station is given a phone number to the station’s insurance company for possible help.

“It looks like it’s going to be a couple hundred per truck. It’s not the end of the world, but it was something we were not expecting.” Braswell said.

Ali says he accepts full responsibility for the mistake and wants to be sure his customers are satisfied.

“I appreciate it. Everybody makes mistakes. If you stand behind your mistake you are good in my book,” Braswell said.

Braswell said his company will continue to do business at Ali’s gas station.

According to State Farm Insurance the incident is covered under fuel contamination clause. If you had a problem, contact the gas station and they will give you that number.

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