Owner of upcoming Gadsden Mall entertainment center hopes to open in midsummer

Update on 'The Alley' in Gadsden

GADSDEN, Ala. (WBRC) - If you're one of the people who say there's not enough for young people to do in Gadsden, a local business owner is coming to your rescue.

We've previously told you about Bethanne Mashburn, and her plans to build an entertainment center in part of what used to be the Sears in the Gadsden Mall. That center will be called "The Alley."

Workers are now finishing up the plumbing and in the next couple of weeks will get to work on what Mashburn calls “the fun stuff”, walls that will divide up party rooms.

There will also be at least one adjacent restaurant, Tre Regazzi, an Italian restaurant that already has two other locations in downtown Gadsden and Glencoe. There may possibly be others.

Mashburn hopes the Alley will open in late July or early August, the middle of summer vacation season.

“We have to do more and more, there’s just so much out there on the internet that gets people’s attention, that we have to make this supercenter of so many fun things to do, to get people to come,” Mashburn says.

Mashburn already operates a similar business, “The Factory,” inside an old factory on Highway 77 in Gadsden.

She says among the attractions at the Alley will be bowling, laser tag, an arcade, axe throwing, and a new sport called “fowling.” That one involves throwing a football at bowling pins.

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