Neighbors depending on each other in flooded neighborhood

Tuscaloosa Co. residents feel trapped after flooding

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - People living along Lackey Lane in Fosters felt forgotten following record flooding around west Alabama recently.

They contacted WBRC expressing how flooding made it difficult for many of them to get out unless they were in a boat or a large truck.

“It’s been the worst I’ve seen in six years. Ten inches under my house, everybody is getting in and out by boat,” Jeff Donaldson explained.

Neighbors living on Lackey Lane and nearby roads have dealt with flood water over the past few days. Water from the Black Warrior River runs under some homes making things difficult for those that live here.

“Just high water, swift water and short people,” Donaldson described. He said neighbors are helping one another out whether that requires ferrying people back and forth across flooded roads or pulling someone’s boat onto a roadway. “We’ve just got to work the best way we can, get in and out by boat so we can get to work,” he continued.

They feel fortunate the power has stayed on and no one has had a medical emergency considering it’s tough to get around parts of the neighborhood.

“We just wanted to let everyone know we are alive down here and hopefully the water is going to go down in a few days,” Donaldson concluded.

There’s a potential for more rain and severe weather later Wednesday. Folks living on or near Lackey Lane are hoping the flooding they have been dealing with doesn’t get worse.

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