Flooding concerns for Meadow Lake community

Floodwaters still an issue for Meadow Lake subdivision

BESSEMER, Ala. (WBRC) - Heavy rain is causing serious flooding for people who live in the Meadow Lake community in the Bessemer area.

The flooding started around Monday morning and water didn’t start receding until late Tuesday afternoon. The problem area is at the entrance of Meadow Lake Trail where water just sits and becomes too deep for people to drive through. So, if your car is already parked at home - you’re stuck. If it’s not, you have to park at the entrance of the street and walk down to your home. More than 30 people live on the street.

If you ask neighbors about the problem, they’ll say it’s a drainage issue. Clogged drains have caused problems dating back to 2017.

During the most recent flooding, at least one neighbor was reported to have flood damage. Neighbors say they’ve been bounced between the county and the builder about who they should take their concerns to.

“Somebody needs to be more diligent about what’s going on with storm issues especially if we’re paying more taxes,” said Carl Boston, neighbor.

“We need to figure something out fast. It’s bad. First of all, we pay too much money to stay over here and not be able to go home,” said Dewayne Johnson, neighbor.

A woman who was in the community Tuesday and identified herself as a representative of the building company, Portrait Homes, says the flooding concerns fall on the county.

County officials visited the neighborhood Tuesday and confirmed it is a drainage issue, but say it’s not their responsibility to fix yet.

“This particular subdivision is still being finished and constructed, so Jefferson County has not accepted any maintenance on this road,” said Jimmie Stephens, Jefferson County Commission. “That being said, we want to work with the people who live in this community and the builder to make sure the people are taken care of.”

Commissioner Stephens says the street still requires a final asphalt coating which is necessary before it’s turned over to the county.

We reached out to the builders again for comment, but have not heard back.

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