Checking your basement for flood damage

Unseen floodwaters can damage your home

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Business is booming for cleaning and restoration companies, thanks to recent rains and flooding.

PuroClean is a Birmingham company that has gotten a lot of phone calls over the last week.

“Water seeping through the basement and foundation, it has been very busy for us.” Emmanuel Martinez with PuroClean said.

PuroClean comes and quickly assesses the situation. The first try to determine if its a pipe leak or if there is a bigger problem. “Then you have a foundation issue. One of those just follow the trail [to see] where the water is coming through. Whether it’s the concrete, block wall. I’ve also seen it just come up from under the concrete slab of the house,” Martinez said.

A number of homeowners have suck pumps to suck out water from their basements. That’s not problem, as long as the pumps are working.

“A lot of times what we find are leaves or dirt or mud has gotten down in the pump or sticks have gotten down in the pump mechanism.” Joseph Braswell, owner of Guin Services, a heating and air company said.

It’s possible to take steps to protect your home ahead of flooding.

“Sandbags will help. If you put sandbags around the area to where water doesn’t go in and cause damage to flooring, drywall, wood flooring especially if you have it in the basement.” Martinez said.

Homeowners dealing with flood waters in or around their home, should be on the lookout for damage. If you have concerns call an experts who can tell if you have a serious problem and how it should be fixed. It could end up saving you money in the future.

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