Bradley Bozeman takes RV on the road to stop bullying across the nation

Driving out bullying across the nation

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - When he’s not on the football field, Baltimore Ravens center and former Alabama football star, Bradley Bozeman along with his wife Nikki, are trying to make a difference in the classroom and it all begins with their RV.

It’s not your typical house for an NFL player, but Bradley Bozeman and his wife Nikki believe their home on wheels is helping change thousands of children’s lives.

“If we have to hit a school in between our stops or whatever, we can go. We’re not waiting on a flight or a hotel," said Bradley Bozeman.

On Wednesday, Bradley stopped by his hometown, Roanoke, to speak to students at Handley Middle School about bullying. This is part of his and Nikki’s first-ever national anti-bullying tour.

“It’s cool to have him here to speak to us and how he can help bullying and stop bullying, where kids can come to school happy and not want to be scared to come to school because of certain kids,” said Handley Middle School student Bryce Tanner.

This is the third stop on the Bozeman’s national tour. They will now load up their RV and travel more than 6,000 miles to speak at different schools across the country to help spread awareness about bullying.

“We lived in an RV 10 months before this. We recently just bought a house in Maryland, but we’ve done it so many times so we are just so excited to hit the road. We love camping too, so it just comes second nature to us and we’re excited to reach so many students,” said Bradley’s wife Nikki.

“This is us, I mean this is what we love to do, this isn’t about us, this is about the kids and they’re out there struggling and we want to help them anywhere we can,” Bradley added.

The Bozeman’s next stop is New Orleans, and then it’s off to Texas as they try to combat bullying across 16 states.

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