2 Birmingham schools will receive $1.8 million in technology

$1.8 Million in new technology for Wilkerson and Hudson K-8

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s huge news for Birmingham City Schools.

Wilkerson and Hudson K-8 will receive $1.8 million in technology. The grant is coming from the Verizon Innovative Schools Foundation in partnership with Digital Promise.

Teachers will have to go through extensive training and map out a strategic innovation plan for their schools. The initiative targets Title One schools aimed at enhancing student engagement and academic achievement.

We talked to Wilkerson Principal Davida Hill Johnson just before a conference call with Verizon Innovative Learning.

The site selection team was impressed as we were walking into Emma Rose Courington’s class to see how she’s making a difference using technology to teach math.

It’s fast-paced and students take charge of their own learning through their Ipads. They get their class assignments using QR codes. Students love it since this kind of innovation seems to come naturally to them.

Courington says, "I was able to get Ipads because I teach coding after school, but next year every single teacher at Wilkerson middle school will have Ipads for every student and will be able to do the same kind of thing.”

Their principal Davida Hill Johnson says, “When you look at research it speaks to 2020. 77 percent of all jobs that are going to be offered in the industry, they are going to have some sort of technology. With our students being exposed to technology at an early age, even middle school, it’s going to provide that platform for them to be successful in any career they choose.”

Students will get the Ipads next year.

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