Hilton Birmingham at UAB sets up ‘Kissing Booth’ to raise money for Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Puppy Love for a good cause

Puppy love kissing booth at UAB Hilton

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - You can celebrate the love this Valentine’s Day, and show your support for the Humane Society!

A Puppy Kissing booth is now set up at the Hilton Birmingham at UAB.

“We do events all the time to raise money for them and this is just a fun thing we wanted to do for Valentines,” says Lisa Castagna with a smile. She is the General Manager at the Hilton Birmingham at UAB.

Puppies staff the booth from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. until Valentine’s day. For one dollar, you can get all the doggie kisses you want.

“We were in a meeting a couple of weeks ago and were talking about doing a kissing booth for Valentine’s Day. I said that is an HR nightmare,” says Castagna with a laugh. “But we came up with the idea of having dogs in the kissing booth since we were already trying to raise money for the humane society.”

The whole staff teamed up on the project. One of the engineers built the booth, and his children helped paint it. Hotel employees are bringing in their own dogs to help run it.

“All of our employees are excited about it, it’s definitely been a team effort and everyone had fun doing it,” says Castagna.

Today the booth was right by the front desk. If the weather is better tomorrow and Friday it will be outside.

The Hilton at UAB held a Valentine’s fundraiser last year for the GBHS too, and work throughout the year to support them.

“We think of them as one of our organizations of choice when we fund raise. Says Castagna. “ It makes me feel great. I have dogs of my own and I just love it. “

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