Victim of alleged Cullman Co. roof repair scam speaks out; More victims expected

Updated: Feb. 6, 2020 at 8:05 PM CST
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CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - A 79-year-old Cullman woman was fighting back tears as WBRC spoke to her Thursday afternoon. She’s out nearly $4,000.

Ann O’Diam paid a roofing company to fix damage after the hail storm in March 2018. But now, almost two years later, nothing has been done.

There could be as many as 30 victims in the Cullman County area, according the sheriff’s office.

It’s hard to forget the hail storm March 18, 2018. Some historic size hail did historic damage. But some storm victims say they ended up becoming scam victims.

“It was a very crazy night. Horrible,” said O’Diam. “And I could hear it thumping, and thumping. And I said, ‘Oh, I hope it’s not damaging my roof.’”

But with hail this size, it was a miracle if you didn’t have damage in Cullman County that night.

O’Diam wasn’t so lucky. “As the days went by, you had to clean up the yard after you’ve had a storm like that. And these cars and trucks were going around in the neighborhood and seeking jobs,” she said. “Finally, this one stopped and he said, ‘We will look at your roof, no charge, just to see if you have hail damage.’”

That man was an employee of My Affordable Roof, a company founded by David Boggs, 45, with several locations in Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennessee, to name a few.

“And so I said, ‘Well, OK.’ Because I wanted to know yay or nay,” said O’Diam.

O’Diam said the employee came back and told her she did have damage, and even showed her pictures of her roof. They told her they needed money to pay for materials.

“It was $3,600,” said O’Diam. She paid for it, and waited.

Phone call after phone call, she said all she got were excuses.

“I said, I’ll give it a year. I’ll be patient. But after a year, my patience was gone," she said.

That’s when she decided to get a lawyer. O’Diam contacted St. John and St. John. Their investigation showed they’re aware of at least 30 customers who paid Boggs and long time business partner Amanda Lairsey “large deposits after the hail storm-- none of whom received a new roof.”

“I wonder how they can live with themselves,” said O’Diam. “Because a roof keeps your home dry. It’s your shelter.”

The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office began its own investigation.

Sheriff Matt Gentry said, "...These suspects blatantly deceived customers and took their money with no intention of doing the work.”

Both Boggs and Lairsey now face five counts of Theft of Property, and more charges could be coming.

We reached out to the attorneys representing Boggs and Lairsey in the civil suits.

We have not heard back from Bogg’s attorney, but did get a chance to speak with Lairsey’s.

“She has no idea of the day to day operations of what was going on. She didn’t take any money from no one. She never came to any property or whatever else. She never received a dime of this money. She was an employee there, and it appears from the stuff that I’ve been provided that they think that she’s an owner at David Boggs LLC, which is not true,” said Lairsey’s attonery Melvin Hasting. “Yes, she’s dumbfounded. She’s dumbfounded about the charges, and like I said, there are numerous civil lawsuits also. It has caused her to file bankruptcy because of this.”

Here’s a copy of O’Diam’s attorney’s statement:

O'Diam's attorney's statement
O'Diam's attorney's statement(Source: WBRC)

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