Shelby County Sheriff looking to fill six positions

Shelby County Sheriff's Office is hiring

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is still trying to fill several open positions.

Right now the sheriff’s office has five deputy openings and one sheriff’s office opening.

Earlier this year, they had 11 openings. So, they’ve made some headway in hiring, but they still have several positions open that they are working quickly to get filled.

The sheriff has assigned someone to focus heavily on recruiting good candidates for these positions. They are doing social media campaigns, traveling to job fairs, creating recruitment videos, and much more to get the word out.

Sheriff says the reason they have so many openings right now is due to a big wave of retirements.

“Federal agents tend to pick my guys and gals off and they become federal agents, FBI agents, ATF, and all the different agencies," says Sheriff John Samaniego. "It makes us look good.”

If you want to learn how you can apply for any of these open positions and what the qualifications are, you can head over to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office website.

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