Shelby County housing market offers buyers more for less

Home sales in Shelby Co.

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - If you are looking to buy a home, your money might go further in Shelby County.

Real estate agencies say folks are showing a lot of interest in buying more in Shelby County.

They have folks looking for more land, which there is more of in Shelby County, and a better price point.

In Hoover, four hundred thousand dollars will buy you a nice house and even a new construction, but it is going to on a slab on a tiny lot with no trees.

“You take that 400,000 dollars and you move out to Shelby County - it’s going to get you a basement. It’s going to get probably 4000 feet versus 1900s,” says Mechelle Wilder with ARC realty. “So in that scenario, you’re going to double your square footage for the same amount of money.”

That will also get you larger lots and a nice big kitchen.

Wilder says in some areas in Shelby County you can find a very nice home for two or three hundred thousand dollars. The market is hot right now; so, homes are going fast.

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