Sheriff Samaniego talks about President Trumps Law Enforcement Commission

Shelby Co. sheriff receives slot on presidential committee

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - It has been since the 1960s that a United States President selected a commission to study law enforcement. Just last week President Trump announced a newly selected commission.

Sheriff Samaniego got back from D.C. last week and says it was a great trip and he is excited to get to work. He says he actually remembers some of the programs and laws that came out of that last law enforcement commission. He even says that he has actually benefited from some of them throughout his career.

So to say this is an honor for him to participate in is an understatement.

He is one of just 18 people to serve on this commission that will really tackle 15 top priority issues or problems. On top of that Sheriff Samaniego say they will also try to plan the next 20 to 30 years of law enforcement and what direction they need to be heading to address current issues with drugs, cyber-attacks, and other crimes that didn’t really exist.

He says the problems that we are dealing with now are much different than the problems that we were dealing with in the 1960s and are far more advanced. He says it’s great to see so many criminal justice careers come together to achieve that goal.

“In my 40 year career, we have never seen the cohesiveness between federal, local, sheriff and police. Everybody’s working together because we see that, one it works better that way and two we need each other,” he explains.

Each commissioner got to make a list of the ones they would most like to be assigned to. The top three issues sheriff San Diego chose were how to provide resources to deal with a lot of the social issues impacting citizens today like opioids mental illness and homelessness. He also chose officer wellness and the return of respect for law enforcement.

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