Alabama basketball reflects on Kobe Bryant’s legacy

Alabama basketball reflects on Kobe Bryant’s legacy

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - The death of Kobe Bryant is news Alabama guard Herbert Jones still can’t process.

“To be honest, I still can’t believe it,” Herbert Jones said.

Tuesday before practice, the Alabama Crimson Tide honored the NBA legend by watching a highlight video of his best moments and quotes, something still surreal for these college players who weren’t even born when Bryant began his NBA career.

“I just wanted the guys to think about what made Kobe special, if you can emulate just a little bit of that, and just appreciate what you have when you have it because there’s no guarantee tomorrow’s coming. Go tell the people in your life you love them. [Kobe] has three daughters he left behind, I have three daughters myself, I can’t imagine what their life is like,” said Alabama men’s basketball coach Nate Oats.

Coach Oats also went around the room and asked each player to sum up in one word what Kobe meant to them.

“He was a relentless guy. Like I’ve dealt with injuries and I used to watch his motivational videos when I got down, like it’s been tough,” Jones added.

Alabama’s next game is Wednesday night at LSU in Baton Rouge.

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