JeffCo assisting with new road work in Fairfield

Updated: Jan. 23, 2020 at 7:59 PM CST
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FAIRFIELD, Ala. (WBRC) - The city of Fairfield continues to have money problems but they got good news Thursday about fixing some bad roads. Jefferson County will be stepping in to pave and improve three major highways in the city.

If you drive on Aaron Aronov Drive you know it can be hard on your vehicle.

“Very bumpy. You have to dodge potholes. You have to dodge bumps. The street is in very bad condition,” said Jeremiah James.

The Jefferson County Commission voted Thursday to spend $3.6 million on three roads in Fairfield. This includes Valley Road, Rutledge Drive and Aaron Aronov Drive. All of these roads could use repairs and paving for much smoother rides.

“A the road conditions are very poor in Fairfield. As a matter of fact a woman was killed in 2019 on one of these roads in Fairfield,” said county commissioner Lashunda Scales.

That accident happened in April on Aaron Aronov. Commissioner Scales says the county understands Fairfield can only do so much financially. The repairs will benefit drivers and hopefully lure more business to the city.

“It will spark a lot of commerce the city of Fairfield is so desperately in need of,” Scales said.

It will still be months before the actual work begins but those who live in Fairfield and who drive through the city are glad to see more much needed road help in on the way.

“It will make my commute and other commuters very happy to see this road paved,” James.

The Jefferson County Commission is hoping Fairfield and other financially strapped cities will take over their road repair work in the future but for now the county will do what they can within their road budgets.

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