Biopharmaceutical company could bring more jobs to Chelsea

Incentive package for biochemical company in Chelsea

CHELSEA, Ala. (WBRC) - A biopharmaceutical company is looking to potentially expand their US headquarters into Chelsea.

Tuesday night the Chelsea City Council will vote on an incentives package.

The company is called TheraChem and it is a biopharmaceutical company out of India.

They are looking to expand to a larger facility in the United States and hopes that it happens in Chelsea’s new business park. TheraChem would take two acres of the new 14 acre business park and be the first tenant.

Mayor Tony Picklesimer says the expansion would bring 20 jobs.

“It gives us more daytime jobs. We are a bedroom community and most of our populous gets up and leaves every morning. So we need more daytime population here to help out restaurants and other businesses,” he explains.

If the council passes the incentive package tonight, the mayor says that he expects that the company will break ground in 60 days.

The lab in India employees 100 people. The CEO expressed hope that the potential new facility in Chelsea could grow to that level.

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