Pipes bursting from frigid temps

Preventing frozen pipes

SHELBY CO., Ala. (WBRC) - With temperatures dipping below freezing over the next few days, your home systems have to work overtime to deal with the cold.

We talked to a water damage and restoration company and they are already being called out to clean up the aftermath of pipes bursting in Shelby County.

Their call volume doubled Monday and they expect for that to only increase heading into Tuesday and Wednesday as those freezing temperatures stick around.

Servpro experts encourage neighbors to turn up their heat to help keep your pipes warm and also leave one faucet dripping.

And there are certain pipes you need to keep a close eye on.

Huck McElveen with ServPro said, “Toilet tank lines, dishwasher lines, refrigerator lines, all of those are typically more susceptible to rupturing when the weather gets cold. Especially down into the 20′s like it is this week.”

Also if you normally block off a part of your house to save on utilities, maybe an upstairs floor that is not used anymore, experts suggest you open that up and heat it as well, just to prevent and cracks in the pipes.

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