Crimson Arch Bridge on schedule for completion in 2020

Crimson Tide Bridge arch project update

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Nearly 60,000 drivers use the I-59/20 bridge over McFarland Blvd. daily as construction continues.

But it won’t be too long until those drivers see the finished product, which will essentially light up the area in crimson.

The cable state arch bridge replacement is apart of ALDOT’s Exit 73 to Exit 77 lane expansion project.

The westbound arch will be added as well as lanes under McFarland Blvd. and on I-59/20. The east bound arch doesn’t meet ALDOT’s alignment requirements, in other words it’s crooked and doesn’t line up properly, so that has to be fixed too.

People are hopeful it will serve as a new attraction to the city that will grab the attention of drivers.

“By having this cable state arch bridge a single point urban interchange at McFarland Blvd. It’s sort of being built as the Gateway to Tuscaloosa and people can take pride in their community when they travel to Tuscaloosa,” said ALDOT West Central Spokesman John McWilliams.

Despite the eastbound arch still needing to be aligned, ALDOT is confident the Crimson Arch Bridge into Roll Tide land should be ready to roll by this December 2020.

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