Students sign up to become census takers at Shelton State Community College

Recruitment event for census takers

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Shelton State Community College students Jessi Whitehurst and Alexis Riley liked what they heard while applying to become census takers Wednesday.

“The pay was really well cause I’m a broke college student,” Whitehurst said. Census takers can earn $15 an hour.

The school held a recruitment event where recruiters also explained to Whitehurst and Riley that they could work at their own pace and schedule.

“I think it sounded really cool and a super easy convenient job for a college student,” according to Riley.

“The schedule was really flexible. So with my school schedule it would match up really well,” Whitehurst continued.

The U.S. Census Bureau wants to hire up to half a million temporary, part-time workers to collect people’s information so they can be counted in the 2020 census. Shelton State supports census recruiting because of what Alabama stands to lose if everyone in the state isn’t counted.

“It’s going to benefit all of us from the roads that we use, to education funding, anything federally attached. Alabama may be in danger of losing a congressional seat. So that voice in Washington is imperative for all of us,” explained Kevin Windham, a Shelton State Student Support Specialist.

The census begins on April 1st. Paid training for census takers starts in March. You can learn about becoming a census taker by going to .

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