5 guns stolen from unlocked cars in Helena

Guns stolen from unlocked cars in Helena

HELENA, Ala. (WBRC) - Five guns are now on the street after being stolen from unlocked cars in Helena.

Helena police say normally they have about 2 to 3 weapons stolen a year, so to have five in one night is alarming.

The good news is police were able to make an arrest in this case thanks to home surveillance video. The video captures the suspect, 19-year-old William Hall. Hall is currently in Shelby County jail facing over a dozen charges.

Investigators say all of the vehicles where the guns were stolen were unlocked. The break-ins happened Friday night, January 10th in neighborhoods along Highway 52 and County Road 17. Saturday evening, Helena police say they caught Hall in neighborhoods again wiggling car doors and arrested him.

Unfortunately none of those weapons have been recovered, but Chief Pete Folmar with Helena police say they were able to get serial numbers for all of them except for one.

“So if a law enforcement agency has contact with those weapons, they can look up the serial numbers and they can see that it stolen and they can take it. so we were really lucky. The bad part is that those weapons were in vehicles and unsecured,” he explains.

Chief Folmar says it’s really frustrating, the amount of weapons that were stolen in Helena, knowing that five out of the six officers that were killed in Alabama last year were killed with stolen guns. He asked all gun owners to never leave your gun in your vehicle and always make sure it is secure.

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